Donations are eligible for 80G Excemption
80G No. for SAMITHI : Unique Registration Number: AAATA0034CF20217 dated 06.10.2021/ Commissioner of Income Tax for Deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act
80G No. for R.V.K.P : Unique Registration Number: AAATT0048BF20216 dated 24.09.2021/ Commissioner of Income Tax for Deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act
W.E.F April 2022
S.No. NAME OF THE SCHEMES *Adhoc Donation Amount Amount for endowment**
(Corpus Fund)
**Please see the note below
1 *Part of the expenses of Lunch feeding (Samaradhana) to Vedic Students per day Rs. 1,000/- Rs. 12,000/-
2 Special Samaradhana:
(Special meals are served)
Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 40,000/-
3 RICE & DHAL ENDOWMENT: Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 30,000/-
Distribution of Milk to students
Rs. 500/- Rs. 6,000/-
5 Vedas & Shastras Siksha (Education) Rakshana Endowment :
(One student’s maintenance expenses per month around Rs.1250/-)
(Towards boarding, clothing, medical treatment, study materials and other maintenance expenses,)
Rs.15000/- P.A., per student Rs. 2,00,000/-
6 One Time Vasthram Distribution:
(a) To all Students
(b) To all Vedic, Sastra teachers, Staff and Vidyarthis


7 Cash Award Endowment:
Donations received for this scheme are accumulated and utilized for distribution of “ Cash Award " and other merit awards (in cash & kind) with certificate to meritorious students in the Annual Day celebrations every year,
Rs. 1,250/- Rs.15,000/-

* Date of Samaradhana / other schemes are not exclusively reserved for one individual donor. Hence, adhoc amount is fixed with a view to give an opportunity to the donors to participate in the above mentioned schemes and our per day average expenses are also shared.

** 'Corpus' fund for endowment is fixed to yield an income to cover the donation amount to each scheme as per prevailing rate of interest.

Those who wish to create permanent endowment are requested to use
‘Covering Letter for Permanent Endowment' given below.

Please send your contribution the Demand Draft/ C B S Multi City Cheque in favour of A.V.M.S.G.D.P.S. Samithi and mail the same to address mentioned in the form.

Click Here to Download 'Covering Letter for Permanent Endowment'


A. Donations sent for creating permanent endowment will be treated as "Corpus" to this institution.

B. The "Corpus Fund" will be invested in Fixed Deposits to avail maximum rate of interest with the institutions recognized by Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act. The proceeds of the 'Corpus Fund' will be utilized to fulfill the object of the endowment for the purpose it is set apart / development of Vedic studies.

C. After conducting the samaradhana on the specified date, Sri Veda Matha's prasadam will be sent. Prior intimation of date of samaradhana shall be given for donors who have created endowment.

D. The endowment amount is fixed as per the present students strength and prevailing cost of commodities.

E. (a) Samaradhana to Vedic vidyarthis is considered as sacred deed. Hence an individual can conduct Samaradhana on the occasion of Marriage dates, Birth dates (Janma Nakshathram, etc.)

(b)The samaradhana (Bhojan to Vedic vidyarthis) to Vedic Vidyarthis in memory of a person related to concerned donor is being performed as said in Dharma Shastra, which gives Aathma Shanthi to the departed soul. Hence, samaradhana alone is being conducted to vedic vidyarthis. (Only the Kartha has the right to conduct Sraddha to their respective departed family members. An institution cannot conduct the same on behalf of the Kartha)


Summer holidays

In case your date of samaradhana comes during Patasala's holidays, You may please give/choose an alternate date and the date may be intimated while sending your contribution.