Sri Govinda Deekshithar established this Patasala on the southern banks of the river Cauvery, in the year 1542 A.D. with the prime aim of imparting the knowledge of VEDAS and Sastric studies.  This Patasala is continuing its services for the past 473 year without interruption.  The three sects Smartha, Vaishnava and Madhwa without any discrimination undergo their respective Vedic studies
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Raja Veda Patasala was founded in the year 1542 A.D. by Illustrious Statesman and Chief Minister for 3 Nayak kings of Thanjavur - Advaitha Vidyacharya Maharaja Saheb Sri Govinda Deekshithar.   It was a well known center of higher learning of Vedas and allied subjects, but owing to the vagaries of time it slowly declined in eminence
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Sri Govinda Deekshithar - Founder of Patasala
            HE was the then Chief Minister to the three successive Nayak rulers of Tanjore (1532-1634 A.D.) Sevvappa Nayak, Achuthappa Nayak, and Raghunatha Nayak  HE is described as 'Advaitha Vidyacharya' by old scholars.HE has also written many books on Vedic subjects.  Along with regular Vedic rituals of 'Agnihotram', HE performed various Yagnas as required by the sacred books, including the great holy yagna 'Sarvathomukam'.
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