The RAJA VEDA KAVYA PATASALA, Kumbakonam was established in the year 1542 A.D. by Advaitha Vidyacharya Maharaja Saheb, Sri Govinda Deekshithar a great chancellor, saint, statesman and Vedic scholar.  HE was the then Chief Minister to the three successive Nayak rulers of Tanjore (1532 1634 A.D.); Sevvappa Nayak, Achuthappa Nayak, and Raghunatha Nayak  HE is described as 'Advaitha Vidyacharya' by old scholars.  HE has also written many books on Vedic subjects.  Along with regular Vedic rituals of 'Agnihotram', HE performed various Yagnas as required by the sacred books, including the great holy yagna 'Sarvathomukam'.   At the ripe age of 120, HE and HIS spouse, while at their penance in the Sannadhi (sanctum Premier ) of Goddess Mangalambiga of Sri Adhi Kumbeswarar temple at Kumbakonam, are said to have merged at the lotus feet of Sri Mangalambika.  Even today THEY are worshipped in the same place:  He as Linga Murthy and SHE as Bimba Murthy as of this picture below.
        He served the kings as an able administrator with successful foreign relations and trade. HE was pivotal in the Raghunatha Nayak and Danish King Christian IV's trade agreement on 19th November, 1620 A.D.  HE also built several temples and Mandapams along the shores of river Cauvery and  the famous Mahamaham Tank, Kumbakonam.  HE helped in securing land, for the Islamic friends to build the 'Hazrat Shams Mansbir Avuliya Dhurga', showing HIS tolerance to all religions, which is the greatness of Indian Culture and Heritage.
        A Copper Coin was released between 1600 to 1630 A.D. in commemoration of his valuable service to the kingdom. (Dhinamani Chudar dated 20-5-1990)  Sri Govinda Deekshithar established this Patasala on the southern banks of the river Cauvery, in the year 1542 A.D. with the prime aim of imparting the knowledge of VEDAS and Shastric studies.  This Patasala is continuing its services for the past 458 year without interruption.  The three sects Smartha, Vaishnava and Madhwa without any discrimination undergo their respective Vedic studies
        Somayaji, Nithyagnihothri, Trivedi late Dr. V.R. Lakshmikantha Sarma, a Vedic scholar, was President & Treasurer of this Patasala between 1954 to June 1996.  During the tenure of his period, he rendered yeoman service for developing Vedic studies and he has brought up this Patasala to the present level.  He formulated a unique syllabus for Vedic studies and introduced a time bound programme for Vedic education, as per the traditional 'Gurukula System'  of education and integrated general studies such as Tamil, English, Arithmetic.  This created a strong confidence in the minds of the parents about the Vidyarthi's (student) future and the student strength is increasing year after year. He had worked meticulously to tide over financial crisis and made a substantial contribution to this Patasala.  He constructed spacious class rooms at the first floor of the existing building to cope up with the increase in strength.  He has donated his books, numbering about 3500, to the Patasala's library. To his credit, he received appreciation in development of Vedic studies from various Heads of Mutts, scholars and Aasthikas.  He took much pain to print 'Sama Veda' texts and 'Prayoga' or rituals guides, which were out of print, for the use of Vedic scholars This in brief is the history and activities of Advaitha Vidyacharya Maharaja Saheb Sri Govinda Deekshithar Punya Smarana Samithi.  Aasthikas are requested to bestow their benevolence to this ancient Vedic institution. May Veda Math bless us all.

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